Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 2017 Current Affairs GK Competition Questions Answers

1. The Union Cabinet on Tuesday 24 January 2017 approved which scheme as a part of financial inclusion and provide social security during old age and protect elderly persons aged 60 years and above against a future fall in their interest income due to uncertain market conditions?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017
[B]Pradhamantri Varishtha Bima Yojana 2017
[C]Pradhamantri Vriddh Bima Yojana 2017
[D]Pradhamantri Sahyog Bima Yojana 2017

2. Following the footsteps of its neighbouring state Tamilnadu on Jallikattu, Karnataka government is asking to revoke the ban on game of traditional buffalo racing known as ______________.
[Category: Current Affairs GK]

3. National girl child day is celebrated every year on 24th of January as a national observance day for the girl child in India. When is the International Day of the Girl Child observed?
[Category: World GK]
[A]11 October
[B]11 November
[C]11 December
[D]11 January

4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23rd Jan 2017 presented National Bravery Awards to 25 children for 2016 and to four of them posthumously. The awards are given in five different categories. In which year National Bravery Awards were first introduced?
[Category: India GK]

5. What is the name of the initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy to enhance community and private sector involvement in Government run elementary schools across the country under the overall aegis of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Shiksha Ka Adhikar
[D]Sarv Shikshit


Monday, January 23, 2017

Latest Current Affairs and GK Quiz 23 January 2017

1. On 23rd Jan 2017, the Supreme Court dismissed a petition which sought the postponement of the Union Budget on the grounds of upcoming Assembly elections. When will the Union Budget 2017 be presented in Parliament?
[Category: India GK]
[A]29th January
[B]1st February
[C]28th February
[D]1st March

2. The Supreme Court, on 23rd January 2017, ordered a probe against one of the former CBI chief in the coal block allocation case. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) office, in March 2014, accused the Government of inefficiently allocating coal blocks from 2004-2009. Advocate Prashant Bhushan, petitioning on behalf of the NGO Common Cause, handed to the court a visitor's logbook, obtained by a whistle blower, alleging that former CBI chief held meetings at his residence with those under investigation in the coal block allocation case. Can you name the former CBI chief?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Ranjit Sinha
[B]M.L. Sharma
[C]Alok Verma
[D]Anil Sinha

3. Xiaomi Inc., a privately-owned Chinese electronics company, founded by Lei Jun on 6 April 2010 designs, manufactures and sells smartphones, laptops, mobile apps, and other related consumer electronics. Name the Xiaomi's global vice-president, who announced his resignation from the company on 23rd January 2017?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Yuri Milner
[B]Tian Lee
[C]Jack Ma
[D]Hugo Barra

4. On the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on 23rd Jan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi saluted his valour, saying that it had played a major role in attaining independence for the country. By what name Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose made an army to fight british?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Azad Hind Fauj
[B]Indian Independence League
[C]Swatantra Bharat Sena
[D]Azad Bharat Sena

5. Which car company, on 22nd Jan 2017, announced the opening of a a 3S facility that caters to sales, service and spare parts in Noida, Uttar Pradesh?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Jaguar Land Rover India
[B]Maruti Suzuki India Limited
[C]Hyundai India Limited
[D]Volkswagen India Limited


Friday, January 20, 2017

20 January 2017 GK Current Affairs Quiz

1. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its 'in principle' approval for listing the five Government owned General Insurance Companies in the stock exchanges. These are: (i) The New India Assurance Company (ii) United India Insurance Company (iii) Oriental Insurance Company (iv) National Insurance Company and (v) General Insurance Corporation of India. Shareholding of these Companies will be divested from 100% to ______% in one or more tranches over a period of time.
[Category: Business GK]

2. As many as 20,000 youths in Ganga basin states will be trained and deployed as ____________ in about 2,336 villages along the river to spread message of keeping the river clean among the local dwellers and visitors. The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) has approved a Rs 10-crore project for training and deployment of the 20,000 youngsters for the purpose.
[Category: India GK]
[A]Swachhta Doots
[B]Swachhta Sipahi
[C]Swachhta Senani
[D]Swachhta Pracharak

3. To improve the safety of our soldiers, the Indian Army will soon equip each of its jawan with a world-class helmet that can make a big difference between life and death during dangerous combat operations. To which company the Army has awarded the contract for manufacturing 1.58 lakh helmets in a deal worth Rs. 170-180 crore?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Bharat Dynamics Ltd.
[B]Bharat Forge
[C]Ashok Leyland
[D]MKU Industries

4. The Cricket Club of India (CCI) is a private club based in Mumbai. It was incorporated on 8 November 1933. The Legends Club, a part of CCI, was formed by Raj Singh Dungarpur, former President of Board of Control for Cricket in India and a former first-class cricket player. The club honours the legends by gathering and celebrating their birthdays/birth anniversaries. on 18 January 2017, which player was inducted in Legends Club's - Hall of Fame?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A]Sachin Tendulkar
[B]MS Dhoni
[C]Kapil Dev
[D]Sunil Gavaskar

5. Who was appointed the new CBI Director on Thursday, 19th January 2017?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Alok Kumar Verma
[B]BS Bassi
[C]Rupak Dutta
[D]Satish Mathur


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GK Current Affairs - 17 January 2017

1. Supreme Court approved the a plan for New Delhi, featuring emergency measures like odd-even scheme and halting of construction activities to improve the capital's air quality. According to this plan, a fixed set of measures will be implemented when pollution reaches levels categorized as emergency, severe, very poor and moderate. This plan is also implemented by Paris and Beijing. What is the name of this plan?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Graded Response Action Plan
[B]Pollution Response Action Plan
[C]Pollution Curbing Plan
[D]Graded Pollution Action Plan

2. The missing passenger plane with 239 people onboard has become one of aviation’s greatest mysteries after it veered off course during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014. On 17 January, 2017, the official hunt for this plane was suspended. What was the name of the plane?
[Category: International Current Affairs]

3. India's Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), located in Mumbai, is touted to be one of the world's fastest stock exchanges. BSE has around 5500 listed companies presently trading on the exchange. BSE plans to raise at least ₹1243 crore through the IPO, which will be open from Jan 23-25, 2017. In which year the Bombay Stock Exchange was founded?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]

4. Director Karan Johar's biography was released in Mumbai by his close friend and ace star Shah Rukh Khan on 17 January 2017. The book was released by Penguin Random House India. Can you name the book?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Daring Boy
[B]Unsuitable Boy
[C]Uncommon Boy
[D]Coffee with Karan

5. India's highest paid consumer product CEO is a 94-year-old Dharampal Gulati, the sprightly old man with a turban promoting masala brand MDH on television commercials and on every packs. What does MDH means?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Masala Di Hatti
[B]Masala Desi Hai
[C]Mahashian Di Hatti
[D]Masala D'Herbs


Thursday, January 12, 2017

12 January 2017 GK Current Affairs

1. From January 18, 2017, which airline will reserve 6 seats for women in the third row of all its aircraft as a move for safety of women passengers travelling alone?
[Category: NationalCurrent Affairs]
[B]Jet Airways
[D]Air India

2. India launched its second Scorpene-class submarine, at Mumbai's Mazagon dock on 11th Jan 2017.The indigenously-built submarine combines superior stealth technology with an ability to launch crippling attacks with missiles and torpedoes. It would undergo rigorous tests and trials till December before its commissioning. What is the name of this submarine?
[Category: IndiaCurrent Affairs]
[C]INS Shaurya

3. Which country in India's neighbourhood has sought an official notification from RBI to make the new ₹2000 note legal tender in the country? Earlier in Jan'15, RBI had issued a notification making the old ₹500 and ₹1000 notes legal tender in the country.
[Category: InternationalCurrent Affairs]
[D]Sri Lanka

4. It is a popular bull taming sport, part of Tamil Nadu's Pongal celebrations, where young men try to cling on to a charging bull. The Supreme Court banned thsi sport in 2008 after a petition by a victim's father. The Supreme Court on Thursday, 12 Jan 2017, rejected a plea seeking to allow the sport played during Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. Can yo uname the festival?
[Category: CulturalCurrent Affairs]
[B]Vetrukkaal seval porr
[D]Kodi Pandem

5. On 12 January 2017, which High Court ruled that the triple talaq certificates issued by chief Qazis were not legal and that they are mere opinions under the 1880 Kazis Act?
[Category: IndiaCurrent Affairs]
[A]Allahabad High Court
[B]Delhi High Court
[C]Kolkata High Court
[D]Madras High Court


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Current Affairs | 11 January 2017

1. Barack Obama bids adieu to presidency with his farewell speech on 9th January 2017. He was ____ president of USA.
[Category: InternationalCurrent Affairs]

2. Who will be India's Republic Day Chief Guest on 26th January 2017?
[Category: IndiaCurrent Affairs]
[A]Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (UAE Crown Prince)
[B]Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel Prime minister)
[C]Theresa May (United Kingdom Prime minister)
[D]Vladimir Putin (President of Russia)

3. The Super Fight League (SFL), in collaboration with Indian billionaires like Aditya Munjal, Amit Burman, Keshav Bansal, Achin Kochar and others, are promoting the world's first Mix Martial Arts league in India and it's inaugural season will take place from 20 January till 25 February 2017 in which eight teams are participating. In which city it is planned?
[Category: SportsCurrent Affairs]

4. Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit was launched in 2003 by PM Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. 2017 Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is a 4-day event scheduled from 10-13 Jan, at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. What is the focus of this year's summit?
[Category: IndiaCurrent Affairs]
[A]Sustainable Economic and Social Development
[B]Socio Economic Development
[C]Sustainable Environment and Social Development
[D]Sustainable Economic and Environmental Development

5. India International Exchange or India INX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSE, was inaugurated by PM Modi on 9th January 2017. India INX is located at 'Gujarat International Finance Tec-City' (GIFT) a dedicated business and finance district located between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. It has a turnaround time of 4 micro-seconds making it one of the fastest. For what duration this exchange will operate in a day?
[Category: BusinessCurrent Affairs]
[A]8 Hours
[B]12 Hours
[C]22 Hours
[D]24 Hours


Monday, November 28, 2016

Indian 500 and 1000 rupee note Demonetisation / Demonetization Quiz

1. Why has the demonetization scheme been introduced?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[A]To stop fake Indian currency notes
[B]To counter anti-national and illegal activities
[C]To Attack hoarding of black money
[D]All of the above

2. Is this the first time demonetization happening in India?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[B]No, this happened first in 1947
[C]No, this happened first in 1978
[D]No, this happened 2 times already. 1947 and 1978

3. Which currency notes are demonetized in India on 8th November 2016?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[D]B and C

4. What is demonetization of currency notes?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[A]Devaluing the currency with respect to international currencies
[B]Declaring the currency notes as NOT legal tender
[C]Replacing the old and soiled currency notes
[D]Replacing notes with coins

5. Of what denomination new currency notes are printed?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[D]A and C

6. Where can one exchange the Old High Denomination (OHD) notes after 25th November 2016?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[B]Post Offices
[C]RBI Offices
[D]All of the above

7. What is the amount one can withdraw for the purpose of wedding?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]

8. How much money one can withdraw from ATM as on 28th November 2016?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]

9. How much money one can withdraw from cheque as on 28th November 2016?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]
[A]10000 per week
[B]15000 per week
[C]24000 per week
[D]25000 per week

10. What percentage of money in circulation consists of 500 and 1000 notes?
[Category: Demonetization in India GK]