Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Indian Polity and Constitution MCQ with Answers - 5th August 2020

1. Article 356 of the constitution of India provides for _________________________________________________.

Protection of religious monuments
Imposition of President's rule in a state
Reservation of jobs for backward classes
A special status for Jammu and Kashmir
2. Which of the following laws is helpful in women empowerment?
Hindu Succession Act, 1956
Gains of Learning Act, 1930
45th Constitutional Amendment, 1980
61st Constitutional Amendment, 1989
3. The Constitution is silent in the Directive Principle of state policy about _________________________________.
Living wages for workers
Free legal aid to the poor
Adult education
Primary education to children till they complete six years of age
4. Which of the following is not a tool of legislative control over administration in India?
Dissolution of house
No confidence motion
5. Holding of elections for the Village panchayat is decided by _____________________.
The Collector
The State Government
The Central Government
The Election Commission

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