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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Benjamin Franklin Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz.

1. Benjamin Franklin was born at ?


2. What was the name of Benjamin Franklin's wife?


3. When was Benjamin Franklin born?

[A]January 17th, 1706
[B]March 31st, 1730
[C]November 40th, 1720
[D]February 22nd, 1718

4. Benjamin Franklin was the ____ President Of Pennsylvania ?


5. Benjamin Frankiln was also a ____?

[D]All Of The Above

6. Benjamin Franklin's father used to make Soap and _____?


7. For hiw many years did Benjamin Franklin go to school?


8. What was the name of Benjamin Franklin's book?

[C]Poor Richard's Almanac
[D]Time Magazine

9. What was the cause of Benjamin Franklin's death?

[B]Heart Attack
[C]Car Accident
[D]Brain Tumor

10. When did Benjamin Franklin died?

[A]December 14th, 1799
[B]November 17th, 1799
[C]March 14th, 1799
[D]April 17th, 1790