Saturday, November 18, 2017

Albert Einstein Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz

1. When was Albert Einstein born?

[A]19th August 1879
[B]14th March 1879
[C]17th September1879
[D]22nd June 1879

2. In which year Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for physics?


3. Where was Albert Einstein born at?


4. Which among the following Albert Einstein theory established that nothing can travel faster than light?

[A]The Big Bang Theory
[B]Special Relativity
[C]General Relativity
[D]None of the above

5. In which year did Albert Einstein completed general story of Relativity?


6. Albert Einstein used to work at what day job, at the time he published his special theory of relativity?

[A]At a patent office
[B]At post office
[C]Work as a clown in circus
[D]work in a farm

7. Einstein's second wife, Elsa, was___?

[A]His cousin
[B]A princess
[C]An artist
[D]None of the above

8. Einstein became a Swiss citizen in 1901, renouncing his citizenship for which among the following country?

[D]South Africa

9. When did Albert Einstein died?

[A]13th January 1955
[B]25th November 1955
[C]1st June1955
[D]18th April 1955

10. What happened to Einstein's brain after he died?

[A]It was studied by scientists
[B]It was cremated along with his body
[C]It was studied by scientists
[D]None of the above

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