Thursday, November 6, 2014

Indian Polity & Constitution Quiz Questions - 06 Nov 2014

1. Which part of the Indian constitution enshrines fundamental duties?
[A]Part IV A
[B]Part VI
[C]Part III
[D]Part II

2. Supreme Court ruled that,'the fundamental rights and directive principles are in fact supplementary to each other and together constitute an integrated scheme.' This is known as ____________________________.
[A]Doctrine of Harmonization
[B]Doctrine of Legislation
[C]Doctrine of Substance
[D]Doctrine of Lapse

3. Which of the following is correct regarding directive principles?
[A]Negative injunctions
[B]Positive injuctions
[C]Justifiable injuctions
[D]Logical injunctions

4. Civil cases, criminal cases and constitutional cases come under ________________________.
[A]Advisory jurisdiction
[B]Original jurisdiction
[C]Appellate jurisdiction
[D]Miscellaneous powers

5. Which of the following article deals with the rights of citizenships of certain persons of Indian origin residing outside of India?
[A]Article 10
[B]Article 8
[C]Article 12
[D]Article 14

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