Monday, October 20, 2014

Quiz on Polity and Constitution of India - 20 Oct 2014

1. Which among the following fundamental rights has been subject to maximum litigation after inauguration of the Constitution of India?
[A]Right to property
[B]Right to freedom
[C]Right against exploitation
[D]Right to constitutional remedies

2. What was the outcome of the States Reorganization Act, 1956?
[A]18 states and 7 union territories
[B]14 states and 6 Union territories
[C]22 states and 9 Union territories
[D]17 states and 7 Union territories

3. The JVP Committee which was constituted in 1948-49 was related to which of the following?
[A]Formation of new states
[B]Industrialization of India
[C]National language of India
[D]Reservation for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes

4. When can the speaker exercise his right to vote in the House?
[A]Whenever the house desires
[B]Only in the event of equality of votes
[C]Whenever his party directs
[D]Whenever he desires

5. A bill for alteration of boundaries of states shall not be introduced in the Parliament without the recommendation of _________________________.
[A]The legislatures of the states concerned
[B]The presiding officers of both houses of parliament
[C]Supreme Court

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