Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Objective Type Current Affairs 2014 Questions Answers - 16 Sep 2014

1. When did Andhra Pradesh government decide to make Vijayawada as its ad hoc capital until the needed infrastructure and other projects for the new capital are completed?
[Category: Railway Exams Current Affairs]
[A]12th August, 2014
[B]15th August, 2014
[C]14th August, 2014
[D]16th August, 2014

2. Which University professor received Global South Award at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science held at Montreal, Canada on 13th August, 2014?
[Category: LIC Exams Current Affairs]

3. Jo Pavey of ___________________ became the oldest ever woman to win a gold medal in European Championships on 12th August, 2014.
[Category: MPSSB Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Great Britain

4. According to latest energy efficiency ranking, which among the following countries has been ranked no.1 in energy efficiency?
[Category: MPEB Exams Current Affairs]

5. Pran Kumar Sharma, who passed away recently, was a popular _____________.
[Category: CAT Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Folk Artist

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