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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 30

1. Budgeted contingencies can be detemined by:
[A]past experience
[B]applying standard allowances
[C]detemining the sum total of the most probable variances of the various risk items properly identified.
[D]All of the above.
[E]None of the above.

2. It is a generally acceptable practice that if one of your clients makes an informal request of you, then you should respond:
[A]formally in writing
[B]with a memo
[E]All of the above

3. Ouchi's Theory Z relates more to _____ whereas Theory X / Theory Y relates to _____ .
[A]Project managers; team members
[B]Company management philosophy in treating employees; the average worker
[C]Project sponsors; project managers
[D]The functional team; project sponsors
[E]Recruitment policy; wage and salary administration

4. The first step in building a PERT/CPM network is to:
[A]Create a flow chart
[B]Determine the critical path
[C]Show task relationships
[D]Create a work breakdown structure
[E]None of the above.

5. Which is not one of the five classifications of work found in a purchasing operafion?
[C]Follow-up and expediting

6. You must produce 27 widgets. You can only produce 9 widgets per production run. Each production line setup costs $1000. Each widget consumes $10 worth of material and $5 worth of labor. What is total variable cost for producing one widget.
[E]None of the above

7. Creation of project objectives:
[A]allows for data collection and analysis and progress reporting against which standards of performance can be measured.
[B]is accomplished by selection of measurable variables against which performance can be judged.
[C]is required before funding of the project by the project sponsor.
[D]all of the above.
[E]A and B only

8. During which phase of the project life cycle is the amount at stake lowest?
[E]C and D

9. Techniques that can improve communication include:
[A]establishing a single, one-way communications channel
[B]avoiding face-to-face communication
[C]using redundancy (i.e. saying it two different ways) whenever possible
[D]disregarding the sensitivity of your receiver
[E]All of the above.

10. The Delphi Method is well-suited for:
[C]Overhead rate estimating
[D]All of the above
[E]A and B only

11. The zero defects concept
[A]is a performance standard for management
[B]is a motivational technique that promotes "doing it right the first time".
[C]is used by management to communicate to all employees that everyone should do things right the first time.
[D]A and C.
[E]B and C

12. What tool have project managers come to use to identify all of the costs associated with a project.
[A]A bill of materials
[B]A Gantt chart
[C]An arrow diagram network.
[D]A work breakdown structure.
[E]B and C only.

13. _____ is a receipt issued by a carrier for merchandise to be delivered to a party at some destination.
[A]Proforma invoice
[B]Inspection certificate
[C]Packing list
[D]Bill of lading
[E]None of the above.

14. A program is characterized as:
[A]a grouping or related tasks lasting one year or less.
[B]a unique undertaking having a definite time period.
[C]a grouping of similar projects having no definite end that supports the product(s) from cradle to grave.
[D]a project with a cost over $1 million.
[E]None of the above.

15. Contingency planning should include all but which of the following?
[A]The development of a contingency allowance determined by combining (layering) various estimate segments to form larger estimate segments.
[B]the development of schedule alternatives and work-around
[C]the management of a contingency budget
[D]an assessment of project shut-down liabilities.
[E]A and C